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List more than 5 point that can be used in the HACCP plan documentation.

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what is CCP and determine the CCP in Sector of diary industries(cow milk processing ) and Food industries (bakery product ) ?

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You are auditing a fishery processing company and found out there was a metal detector in the packaging line. Choose all the possible hazard elements this detector aims to prevent.
a. vinyl string
b. insect corpse
c. cutter blade
d. stone dust
e. remnant from agricultural chemicals
f. nail g.allergen
h. fishhook

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How Does HACCP Work in Food Production?

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Write short notes
(i)What is HACCP?
(ii) What are the Major Food Hazards?

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Explain what PRP is and operation PRP.

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Explain the New Changes in ISO 22000:2005 vs ISO 22000:2018

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Considering Company Omega Food Co, Providing of Manufacturing and sales of organic bee products and organic food products, explain the applicable legal?

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Which organizations can implement ISO 22000?

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What is ISO 22000?

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During the closing meeting, what is the advantage of having the lead auditor be the only presenter of the audit findings?

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A HACCP plan should be validated by conducting a

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Supplier approval would most likely be found in which of the following prerequisite programs ?

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Which of the following represents a management commitment to move HACCP beyond regulatory compliance?

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During a HACCP audit, it is most important for an auditor to review

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Rank order, from first to last, the following steps in the development of a HACCP plan?

  1. Identify potential hazards
  2. Construct a process flow diagram
  3. Describe the product and its intended use
  4. Analyze hazards

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Which of the following elements is contained in a hazard analysis?

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Which of the following is true about the calibration of CCP monitoring equipment

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Any significant risks associated with a product should be addressed at which of the following HACCP plan steps

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ISO 22000 requires documented procedures for:

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The most important result of an effective corrective action procedure is that it

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Which of the following can be considered when establishing prerequisite

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Food safety policy can be communicated through:

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The benefits of making a preliminary or pre audit food safety visit to an
organization prior to the actual audit may include

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Emergency situations and accidents that can impact food safety may include:

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The “Step at which control can be applied and is essential to prevent or
eliminate a food safety hazard or reduce it to an acceptable level” is the term for

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Which is the ultimate goal of setting food safety objectives?

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The Food Safety Team Leader is responsible for:

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ISO 22000 includes:

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Latest revision of ISO 22000: