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5 Steps of ISO Certification

5 Steps of ISO Certification

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Process of ISO Certification

5 Steps to get ISO 9001 Certification

ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System

As you already know about the ISO 9001:2015, that is Quality Management System Certification helps an organization to achieve more business, more customer, and continual improvement in their daily operations. ISO 9001 Certification in India become more popular as the Business Competition is increasing exponentially. 

Considering the facts that why organizations/business owners go for ISO Certification in India, We developed a simplified method to get ISO 9001 Certified in India.

The meaning of ISO 9001 Certified for a business is that respective organization has successfully implemented and certified with the current ISO 9001:2015 QMS system in their organization. The said implemented system is approved by a respected Certification body that issued the ISO 9001 Certificate.

As it comes to the requirements and questions about how to implement and get certified with ISO 9001, the following steps will help you to easily understand the overall process.

ISO Certification Process

Get ISO 9001 Certified in 5 Simple Steps


Submit ISO 9001 Application

In the first step of ISO 9001 Certification, the Organization has to submit the ISO 9001 application form. The form should contain the details of Name of Business, Address, Nature of Business, Number of employees, and operational locations. These details are the basic requirements of ISO 9001 Certification. Apart from this, the Certification body will collect other information such as websites like deatils.

Acceptance of Proposal

After the successful submission of the ISO 9001 application, Genveritas will share the detailed Proposal for the ISO 9001 Certification in India. The business owner will review the proposal and discuss it with Genveritas for any clarification or negotiations. Once the approval has received from the Organization, the next process will be initiated.

Training and Documentation

During this process, Our Implementor/experts will provide brief training for all the internal stakeholders of the Organizations. Awareness training, Documentation Training, and Internal Audit training are the Part of overall ISO Training Program. Then Process owner (Managers) in Organization will prepare the documents with the assistance of our consultants/experts. Internal Audit will be conducted and monitored by Genveritas Consultants and the rectification process will be carried out to clear non-conformities.

Certification Audit (Stage-1 and Stage-2)

After the successful Internal Audit and MRM, the Certification Body Auditor will visit the organization to verify the implemented ISO 9001 management System. Stage 1 and Stage 2 audit will conduct to ensure the proper system without any loopholes and misalignment with requirements of ISO 9001 guidelines. Once the Audit result is satisfied, the audit will submit the audit report to their CB Technical Team.

Final Certification

After the Successful Audit by Certification Body, based on the audit report, the CB will issue the ISO 9001:2015 Certificate to the Organization, then the Organization is said to be the ISO Certified Organization or Company. 

The Organization has to maintain and update the documents and over ISO 9001 system in their organization with continual improvement actions. The Surveillance Audit will be Connected each year to ensure the continual improvements and presence of the implemented ISO Management System in the organization.

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