9 Ways to boost your business with ISO Certification

There are multiple ways and approaches to enlarge the business and get new clients. One of the simplest, safest, and best tools is to enroll the company for ISO. By ISO Certifying any trade can benefit immensely, such as more customers, by being ISO certified.

Small companies might be experiencing challenges in growing their business with their rivals. In common cases, they may be operating within limited areas and have a short capacity to serve ahead of those limits. This is why business growth is very less for these companies.

Many potential clients are generally not very confident in placing their high-value deals in the hands of small, young, and inexperienced companies or organizations. One way to boost trust among existing and new customers is by gaining an ISO 9001 certification.

By encouraging your clients to understand the importance of the ISO certification you have achieved and how it will benefit them is the key to getting the best marketing ROI from your certification.

If you just hang the certificate on the wall and use the logo on your marketing elements, you really are going to miss out on many.

We have got a few more ways so that you can get much more advantage out of your certification by performing a few simple strategies. All of the strategies we are about to show you can be implemented either right now or directly after any certification audit. And this will increase the marketing benefit you receive many times than now.

Here we have put down 9 strategies to get full marketing potential out of your certification.

1. Using Logo Online: It really makes sense to include the certification label on the home page of your website. Adding it to your, digital banners, and downloadable materials is another benefit to awareness.

Note: Using the ISO logo inaccurately is an offense. Before you start adding the certification mark everywhere, recognize that there are specific rules concerning its use- specified by the certification body.

They are:

• Use full name of your certification, such as ISO 9001:2015

• Few certification bodies also demand you to incorporate your certification number on the logo.

• Don’t make any alterations to the logo or mark that your certification body provides you.

• The certification only applies to your business management system, NOT to your products unless they are specifically certified.

• Claiming certification outside the scope of your actual certification is another offense.

2. On Company Description: Add a statement about your certification, the standards you have accomplished, and list the perks for your potential clients while including the mark in your company description.

3. Email signatures: Your consumers will read the signature so make sure that they recognize you are certified. This certainly adds to your trustworthiness. This may be a little piece but it really grabs attention to your email.

4. Press release: Press Release being a very powerful tool for promoting your business online. With very little effort by addressing a short explanation of the method you went through and all the advantages you are now able to offer clients as a result, you will be able to raise your profile dramatically and gain exposure to new customers. Also, write a press release to your local papers and industry magazines.

5. Blog: Creating a blog post to celebrate your ISO certification. Tell your readers what it really signifies and what standards your company has faced in order to get qualify. Insert the certification logo so your clients can realize it. Mainly, describe how it influences the way you care for your customers – above all what’s in it for your customer.

6. Newsletter: Visitors subscribe because they may be interested in something you offer.  Getting your company ISO certified successfully is an excellent piece of news to share with your readers. Your ISO certification may even force convert them from readers into customers.

7. Social media: Use every social platform to spread the words you have. A tweet or a post in social media is great to share since your message can be easily read, liked and shared by your clients. It’s really easy to share such a piece of news to your clients and followers.

8. Display the ISO Certificate: Many organizations remember to hang their certificates in their reception area or add it to their signage on the building they are put up. However, displaying the certification mark on uniforms, presentation stands, or corporate vehicles used is another powerful strategy to make use of. You can even display the logo on your employee’s id.

9. Using the Logo Offline: This is the most common strategy organization or company use, by putting the certification mark on ALL printed materials such as business cards, flyers, letterheads, stationery, handouts, and other literature.

All this means that it is to tell people about your great achievement on ISO Certification and teach them why and how it is going to benefit them. This will encourage them to engage in your business over your rivals.

Achieving ISO certification is impressive. Make the most of it.

If you achieve your ISO certification, then your organization has reached an internationally recognized standard of excellence – no low feat. Still, are you literally making out the full marketing potential of all investments and hard work you spend on your business? By getting ISO certified you have the advantage over un-certified businesses, so the advertising of your certification status can be a key part of your marketing strategy.

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