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ISO 9001:2015 Certification –A piece of Paper, simple yet Powerful

All of you heard about the ISO Standards, especially the famous one – ISO 9001:2015. More than 1M Companies around the world adopted the quality management system and Certified with. What’s special about this ISO 9001? Is it just a piece of paper? Or is it a powerful management tool?

ISO 9001 is the most recognized and widely certified ISO Standards that belong to the ISO 9000 Series standards. The latest version is published in 2015, with some strategic changes from the 2008 Version. The Current ISO 9001:2015 introduces new requirements added to the standard: The Context of the Organization, the interested parties (Stakeholders), and Risk-based thinking. The main purpose of the ISO Standards remains the same: Customer Satisfaction.

What makes ISO 9001:2015 simple, yet Powerful?

As compared to the older version, ISO 9001:2015 published with the changes that bring some changes to the management system in a simpler manner, more applicable, and the best fit to the smaller organizations too.

The newer changes that makes business owner to love this standard are,

  • Greater importance to Customer Satisfaction.
  • Simple policies and Objectives.
  • Risk-based Approach.
  • The flexibility of documentation.

The idea of Interested Parties: The organization must understand the interests of all stakeholders who are directly and indirectly connected and affecting by your business. The Interested parties are – employees, clients, investors, suppliers, local authorities, and any other parties that may impact the Quality Management System.

Risk-Based Thinking: The organization must determine the opportunities and risks that arise in the business. In order for an efficient and effective quality management system to be in place, the Management team has to identify and address the risks and mitigations to avoid or prevent undesirable efforts and financial meltdowns. For the Continual Improvements, the Organization has to adopt the Corrective and Preventive Action.

As usual, Customer Satisfaction is the key objective of ISO 9001:2015. By providing quality products and services to your customers, the organizations can grow consistently and achieve the core objective of any business. ­By demonstrating your dedication towards the quality makes your customers trust in your business and If your Customer is happy, then your business is smooth and profitable.

This makes the ISO 9001:2015 standard a powerful management tool that is the first choice of any business owner to starts with strengthening his/her organization’s core system. The easiest, the simplest, and powerful strategies are introduced and implemented to ease your business with ISO 9001:2015 Certification.

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