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ISO International Organization for Standardization

ISO refers to the International Organization for Standardization. ISO certification helps to boost your business quality additionally overall potency of the business. ISO is an independent organization that gives standards in terms of quality, safety, and efficiency of products and services provided by businesses. With the increasing competition among the business, it’s top of the notch to deliver top quality of goods & services so as to sustain within the market.

The Process of ISO Certification in Nepal irrespective of industry and nature of business for successful growth change.

ISO Certification in Nepal

ISO Certification in Nepal is aiming to standardize the Nepal Organisation to meet International Standards by providing value-added services.

We provide one of the most comprehensive suites of ISO consulting services to help the company plan, design, implement, monitor, improve, and enhance the ISO management system for our clients across the globe.

We are Specialized in the following ISO Certification Standards:

  • ISO 9001 Certification- Quality Management System
  • OHSAS 18001 Certification‚Äď Occupational Health & Safety Management System
  • ISO 27001 Certification ‚Äď Information Security Management System
  • ISO 14001 Certification ‚Äď Environmental Management System
  • ISO 29990 Certification ‚Äď Learning Services for Non-formal Education and Training
  • ISO 22000 Certification ‚Äď Food Safety Management
  • ISO 50001 Certification ‚Äď Energy Management
  • ISO 20000-1 Certification ‚Äď IT Service Management System

ISO 9001 Certification for Small Businesses

The ISO 9001:2015 standard throws light on the results and is less rigid in terms of paperwork. This ISO Certification Standard is highly flexible and can be easily adaptable by small enterprises, especially those dealing with providing services. ISO 9001:2015 Certification provides all relevant quality guidelines for the growth of an organization rather than merely focusing on how to run your business.

As a matter of fact, many small businesses are now adopting ISO 9001 Certification due to its simplicity. Besides, it is more helpful in achieving desired results that can be noticed by target customers. All the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 are generic and are intended to be applicable to any organization, regardless of its type or size, or the products and services it provides.

“Our qualified ISO lead auditors are ready to offer you practical advice about the best approach to take for implementing an ISO Certification project and discuss different options to suit your budget and business needs”

ISO Certification Implementation Approach

iso implementation approach info

Benefits of ISO Certification in Nepal

Gain new market and boost your performance

The certification not just allows you to show good security practices, while enhancing professional relationships and maintaining existing customers, but also gives your rivals an established competitive advantage, taking you way ahead of your competitors.

Protect your reputation and keep improving it

Cyber-attacks are through every day in size and severity and a lack of inadequate data security could contribute to catastrophic financial and reputational damage. The implementation of ISMS with ISO 27001 certification helps to protect the enterprise against risks and proves that you have taken the appropriate measures to protect the organization.

Structure and focus strengthen

When a company grows rapidly, the uncertainty about who is liable for which data capital does not take long. The standard helps companies to become more competitive by clearly identifying risk liability for information.

Consistently secure and maintain your confidentiality

ISO 27001 must be introduced and implemented by setting up ISMS following defined security practices. The information management process is not well defined or consistently managed for a wide number of organizations. A company has to set up clear data access, control, and management process in order to obtain ISO 27001.

Enhance ratings of third party vendors

You can prove that your company maintains a comprehensive quality management system when you obtain an ISO 9001 certification. It simplifies the process of quality assessment for the stakeholders and eliminates other pressures of verification, such as having your safety records. This makes the safety inspection system simpler and more effective for your company.

For Certification and Implementation of the Standards in your organization, contact us at +91 8867 260 270 or you can fill the form here, Our experts will call you and guide for Successful Certification.

If you have any questions, Read our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section for the answers.

Need for ISO Certification for a Company. Let us realize the process of getting ISO Certification in Nepal. We will understand step by step activities that an organization or company will go-through for ISO Certification in Nepal.

The first step in the process of ISO Certification is to identify the right standard that fits your Organizational Operations. There are various types of ISO certification are available such as listed below:

  • ISO 9001 Certification– Quality Management System
  • OHSAS 18001 Certification‚Äď Occupational Health & Safety Management System
  • ISO 27001 Certification ‚Äď Information Security Management System
  • ISO 14001 Certification ‚Äď Environmental Management System
  • ISO 29990 Certification ‚Äď Learning Services for Non-formal Education and Training
  • ISO 22000 Certification ‚Äď Food Safety Management
  • ISO 50001 Certification ‚Äď Energy Management
  • ISO 20000-1 Certification ‚Äď IT Service Management System

ISO Organization doesn’t issue any certificate or provide conformity assessment. ISO develops & publishes the ISO Standards that are based on the industry’s best-practices and market research.

The organization has to choose the Certification body that can issue the Certificates for your business based on the system evaluation. Be cautious when choosing the CB, cause there are hundreds of fake and non-accredited certificates that can damage your reputation.

Select the best ISO Certification Body based on the following observations.

  • Check for the Accreditation of the Certification Body.
  • Verify the details of CB on the respective accreditation body website.
  • Accreditation Body must be a member of the IAF (International Accreditation Forum).
  • Confirm that the Certification Body operates based on guidelines given by ISO and IAF.
  • Check whether they are legally bound to the Accreditation requirements.

If you failed to identify or verify the following details of the Certification body, then you should remember that particular CB is fake and Non-accredited. Confirm the recognized Accreditation Bodies here.

There no fixed Cost for getting ISO Certification. The Charges of ISO Certification are decided based on several factors and all applicable ISO Certification fees are negotiable.

  • Size of an organization (Small, Medium and Large)
  • Number of workers (Employee Strength)
  • Number of Processes (Departments and Verticles).
  • The complexity of the Current (Existing) Management System.
  • Different ISO Certification Body and Accreditation Body.
  • The number of Operational Locations to be Certified.

To get your free quotation that applicable to ISO Certification in Nepal, Please write to us or call us.

Again, there is no fixed or predefined exact timeline for ISO Certification and Implementation process. The Time and duration for ISO Certification in Nepal vary based on the Complexity and Size of the Organization, also depends on the support from the Management Team.

Additionally, Factors that affect the ISO Certification processing Times depend on the – Preparation of Procedures, Policies, Training, and documentation reviews.

For general and most of the cases, the time required for ISO Certification and implementation is as follows,

  • Small Enterprises: 15-45 Days
  • Medium Enterprises: 30 – 60 Days
  • Large Enterprises: 60 – 90 Days.

If you already implemented the system in your organization and all documentation is in order, the Time for ISO Certification can take up to 7 days to review the system and to get Succesful Certification.

1.Submit an application / Contact agreement

Once the business owner has selected the ISO certification body and ISO standard, the CB and the applicant should agree on a contract. The application should contain the rights and obligations of both parties and includes liability issues, confidentiality, and access rights.

2. Quality Management System Review 

The ISO auditors will verify your quality policies, procedures, and reports identified with different approaches and strategies being followed by the company. The review of the existing Quality system will help to identify the Non-Cofirmities based on the ISO guidelines.

3. Get to action with Action Plans.

After the review of the system by the ISO auditor, found non-conformities will be rectified by preparing the action plan, Organization should conduct an internal audit and verifies the clearance of all non-confirmities, and identify the strategies for continual improvements.

4. Certification Audit 

Initial ISO Certification Audit is partitioned into two classifications Stage 1 and Stage 2.

a. Onsite Audit: 

The ISO auditor will check all the progressions made by you in the association. At this point attempt to recognize the conceivable non-congruities in your frameworks and methods to the ideal quality administration framework. They will partition these non-similarities into minor and major non-congruities.  Get all these non-similarities adjusted and carefully evaluated according to the ideal quality standards through alteration in the methods and procedures utilized by the association.

b. Final Audit: 

ISO auditor does the final examination after all the necessary changes are done in the association. The auditor will check whether all the non-congruities have been disposed of or not according to ISO quality standards. Once the ISO audit is fulfilled by the final review, they will prepare the ISO audit report and submit it to the ISO Certification Body.

5. Finishing the ISO Certification 

After all, the non-conformities are reviewed and every one of the discoveries is submitted in the Final ISO Audit report, the ISO registrar will grant you the ISO certification.

6. Surveillance Audits 

Surveillance Audit is conducted from time to time, essentially to guarantee that ISO quality standards are being maintained by the organization.

Genveritas - Your ISO Certification Consultant in Nepal

Genveritas ISO Consultants, a global ISO Certification Consulting firm represents considerable authority in tweaked and result-situated answers for assisting organizations to actualize change and improve business execution. As every organization has its own interesting needs and objectives at various phases of its business life cycle, we structure our answers that are powerful and customized to every organization’s particular needs. We represent considerable authority in the whole scope of ISO management framework certification standards. We have had the option to build up our self among the well eminent names in the business with the assistance of our incredible ISO Consulting Services in Nepal.

If you are not sure how you can obtain ISO Certificate for your organization, you will be in safe hands.  We deliver one of the most comprehensive ISO Certification Consulting Services packages for organizations in planning, structuring, executing, monitoring, testing, developing, and reviewing their Management system compliance.

Genveritas experts for ISO Certification are considered to be creative, simple, practical, and feasible in order to implement a method that adds value to the organization’s business tasks.

For all certification requirements, we are using a well-reported approach. We respect your time and see how critical it is for you to achieve certification quickly. Total Customer Satisfaction and Customer Delight are confident to us. We are always ready to take another mile to keep our customers happy.

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